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St Julian’s is about to get a whole lot more colourful thanks to a massive new mural which slowly but surely started being unveiled this morning.

Situated just off Spinola Bay, the sprawling six-storey art piece has been planned for years – and it’s taken months to come together. And even though there’s tons of scaffolding still covering its bright designs, the mural is already turning heads.

After an online competition was launched, renowned local artist James Micallef Grimaud was chosen to transform the huge blank side of the building into a colourful collage of Maltese symbols.

The mural includes a variety of symbols which form part of the islands’ culture, such as the luzzu and gardjola and migratory birds like the grey heron and the Eurasian roller.

“In this mural, I decided to take on a more naturalistic approach and made use of some of the most colourful migratory birds which visit Malta yearly. Some of the birds I’ve chosen have also been spotted in the valleys of St Julians and Pembroke,” artist and muralist Micallef Grimaud explained.

Other birds chosen were even spotted in the valleys of St Julian’s and Pembroke and serve as a tribute to the area.

Earlier this morning, the block’s neighbours – who have all been extremely supportive of the approved idea – started lining up the road, looking on as the building opposite them started being unveiled in all its colourful glory.

Set to be fully shown off very soon, the artsy landmark will serve to act as a balance between nature and man-made structures, as well as introduce a well-needed pop of colour for the area.

Would you like to see others like it being unveiled around Malta?

Originally Published on Lovin Malta